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Quick steps to know about your Modem better !
Make sure the Power supply is ON & all the cables are connected properly.
How to find out if your Modem is Off-line ??
See the Receive, Send, and Online lights on your modem. None of these lights should blink if your modem is On-line. If any of these lights blinks, your modem is Off-line.

Contact call center for help, if your modem is Off-line.
Modem LED / Light Blinking
How to find out if your Modem is in stand-by mode??
If the Standby light on your modem is lit, the modem is in stand-by mode.

Press the Standby button of your modem and then try to connect.
Modem Standby Button
If you are unable to connect follow the next steps to figure it out.

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