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Customer Testimonials

“Dear YOU Broadband

I have changed my perception about the services that I was experiencing in the past during 2001-2009. Now, as I have renewed it on 22nd Nov 2012 and after some hiccup, it started functioning normally from 1st Dec 2012. Till date , we have no problem, neither interruption in the service nor slow speed. Speed may have in fact been increased a little bit.

Special thanks to Mr. Sripad and Mr. Gangadhar who handled it patiently for 1 week and restored the connection to our satisfaction.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the services and keep it up , and make it more better in future!!!"

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Consultant Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician
BOMBAY HOSPITAL & Medical Research Center

Hinduja Health Care


“To YOU Broadband and Operations Team PUNE

First of all, Belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all. I have been a customer of YOU Broadband (A/C No. 848110) for almost 2.5 months now and after thoroughly using your service on different platforms (Wi-fi, handheld,laptop) I have come to this conclusion that you're the best broadband provider in the country, hands down!! I would like to personallycongratulate the entire team on the efforts they have put in making your services seamless and hassle-free. Our country is truly lacking in this area.

Even though your company and I got off to a rocky start with one of my complaints taking a longer than usual to be addressed, it has been a breeze since then. With almost no downtime in your connection and no compromise of promised speeds, you have established yourself as a thoroughly professional firm that believes in more than just lip service. It is indeed commendable that your infrastructure is working like clockwork and you don't have over-the-top tariffs.

Bottom line is you're doing a great job, please keep it up. Other companies should take a lesson from YOU Broadband. Quality, affordability, customer care. 5 stars in everything."

-Abhinav Dhaka
YOU Broadband customer


“One of the two YOU Broadband connections wasn't working in our office for some time. It is so comforting to see your engineer, Mangesh Ghatge, drop in at our place within half an hour of our registering a complaint. Actually the problem was in our system itself. Though it was not his work, Mangesh repaired it and put the system back on track. It was a touching experience and I congratulate YOU for having such nice people to take care of customers.”
- Rekha Jagtap, Vashi
YOU Broadband customer


“It is heartening to see the prompt response to my mail and I would like to record my appreciation of the very professional service rendered by the two technicians who came to attend to the cabling problem, Ganesh Mane and Amit. It is encouraging to see such a committed, courteous, knowledgeable and professional team. Their handling of my concern has been a pleasure to observe.”
I am also particularly impressed of the Corporate office receptionistís helpful attitude and keenness to assist customers who call in for information.

- Dr. Narendra Nair M.D., Thane
YOU Broadband customer


“I have been using YOU’s softphone since 2006. Unfortunately earlier this year there was some problem in receiving calls. Despite efforts from YOU’s executive it could not be fixed. The executive later gave me a demo of the IP phone, which I liked and now its working well. It was a tough time for me, but I received exceptional customer service from YOU. Friendly, efficient and extremely professional nature of the executive allowed me to stick to YOU Telecom. I strongly believe that such work force are at an asset to any organisation, particularly YOU Telecom.”
- Kulin Desai, Vadodara
YOU Broadband customer


"I am extremely pleased with the service I receive from YOU Telecom. They not only respond to and rectify my problem immediately but also follow up to ensure things are in order. I feel better that YOU has such passionate and committed executives to assist its customers."

- Charles G. Hayward II, Vice President, Mfar Holdings Pvt Ltd
YOU Broadband customer, Bangalore


"Ealier I had a different impression about YOU TELECOM, but my experience with their customer care has put to rest all my doubts. The way they attended and solved my connectivity issues was commendable. I thank them for their assistance and appreciate their commitment."

- Gordon Jacobs,
YOU Broadband customer, Bandra, Mumbai


"YOU Telecom attends to my concerns immediately and resolves them quickly...something that I did not experience with the other ISP’s whose services I had opted before."

- Prabha M R, Patni Computer Systems
YOU Broadband customer, Bangalore


"For me speed matters a lot as I run a computer education institute. With YOU I got the speed that I was looking for. There is no doubt that YOU is better than my previous service provider."

- Vipul Mangukya, Surat,
YOU Broadband customer since January 2008


“Connectivity is good compared to other service providers. Most importantly all the commitments made to me are fulfilled. Everyone right from sales to technical support gave me proper deadlines for either renewing my account or solving technical problems and didn’t hide anything from me.”

- Yashodhan Joshi, Pune
YOU Broadband customer since 2005


“YOU’s high speed Internet allows my family to keep in touch with our friends and relatives abroad. While I use it for business purposes also, my daughter uses Internet for her school projects. I am particularly happy about the speed and that is the primary factor that made me stick around YOU Telecom for such a long time.”
- Mustafa Baxamusa, Surat
YOU Broadband customer since 2001


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